Muaupoko Treaty Claims

In December 1988 the first Muaupoko claim (WAI 52) was registered with the Waitangi Tribunal. Since then more than 20 claims have been registered for Muaupoko. Muaupoko claims were represented in the Te Whanganuia-a-Tara Waitangi Tribunal enquiry and claims may also be heard in the Porirua ki Manawatu Enquiry District.

There are several ways to go through the settlement process.
• Waitangi Tribunal and then direct negotiations or,
• If the crown is ready to negotiate you may go to direct negotiations. This will save several years, and there may still be an opportunity for those who want to tell their story through the tribunal process.

The crown wants all claims (registered WAI numbers) to be grouped; clusters for Waitangi Tribunal process and large natural groupings for direct negotiations process. At the end of the settlement process these WAI numbers are settled.

The crown is willing to enter into a direct negotiations process with a mandated group that represents all Muaupoko as a large natural grouping, including all related Muaupoko WAI Claims.

MTA is now seeking a mandate to represent Muaupoko to negotiate settlement.

To get a mandate MTA:

• Developed a mandate strategy to identify how MTA will seek a mandate and what a proposed negotiation structure may look like. We consulted on this in June and July this year. The crown received 150 submissions about the Mandate Strategy and endorsed it on 19 October 2012, click here to read more

• MTA is now asking all adult Muaupoko iwi members to vote and decide if MTA may have the mandate to represent all of Muaupoko, including those with registered claims, for negotiations only. click here to read more

Click here to vote online on the proposed mandate

Once the vote has been completed MTA will submit a draft Deed of Mandate and submissions will be invited.

MTA will not receive any settlement. A negotiated settlement will need to go to a new Trust to be established to receive settlement. Both the settlement and the new trust would be voted on to be accepted by Muaupoko before settlement can be achieved.

For more information about Treaty Settlements
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