About Muaūpoko


Muaūpoko Tribal Authority (MTA) was established in 1997 as an Incorporated Society (link to MTA constitution to be downloaded or viewed online). Its main purpose is to protect Muaupoko identity, assets and to build a stronger economic, social and culture base for the Muaupoko people. MTA has continued to support Muaupoko Iwi aspirations in all spheres of life.

MTA is recognised as the representative Iwi organisation for Muaupoko (Link http://www.tkm.govt.nz/iwi/muaupoko/# ). This includes;
• The Recognised Iwi Organisation (RIO) in the Maori Fisheries Settlement Act
• Represents Muaūpoko as an “iwi authority” for the purposes of the Resource Management Act 1991

The MTA board is elected every three years (link to KO NGA RANGATIRA KAITIAKI: Governance),

We provide a range of direct services and are based at the Muaūpoko Tribal Authority Offices at 306 Oxford St, Levin, phone Phone: 06 367 3311 ; Fax: 06 367 3322

MTA services include: (link to services)
• Leadership, advocacy and representation,
• Iwi, hapu, whanau and marae development
• Iwi registration
• Project management and administration
• Treaty Settlements

MTA has provided a number of social and health services (link to services tab) to its membership over the last decade. We provide this through the Muaupoko Community Services (link to MCS constitution to be downloaded or viewed online).

MCS, like other provider services, seeks funding from various agencies to fund these services. Sometimes these are on annual and biannual terms. To receive and provide government funded services we have to meet many business and professional requirements and audits.

Muaūpoko Trading Company Ltd (link to MTC constitution to be downloaded or viewed online) which holds all of the fisheries and other assets MTC (the Company) was established in 2000 and is 100% owned by Muaūpoko Tribal Authority (MTA) ,. . MTC, like other Iwi Companies who manage fisheries assets, is required to meet several requirements to manage and receive the fisheries assets.