Notice of Elections 2024

In accordance with Muaūpoko Tribal Authority Inc (MTA) rules, (17.0 & 19.0) the MTA

Board now calls for suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacancies on the Board of Trustees:

In accordance with clause 17.0 of the Constitution for ordinary Board members and 19.0 of Constitution for Alternate Members, the following positions are open to be filled:

Tamarangi – Board Member (3 Year & 18-month Term). Alternate (3 year term)

Punahau – Board Member (18 Month term) and Alternate (3 year term)

Ngarue – Board Member (18 Month term) and Alternate (3 year term)

Retiring Board members may stand for re-election.

Call for Nominations

Nominations will open Friday 21 June, 2024 and close at 5pm Monday 8 July, 2024.

Candidates must be registered with Muaūpoko Tribal Authority in the Hapū they wish to stand for and must complete the official nomination form.

Each nomination must be supported by two adult members of Muaūpoko Tribal Authority registered in the same Hapū electorate for which the candidate is nominated.

Nomination forms and Candidates Handbook can be requested through –


P: Muaūpoko Tribal Authority to request one be posted out to you (06) 367 3311

WEB: Can be downloaded from Muaūpoko Tribal Authority website which is

These may also be collected from the registered office of Muaūpoko Tribal Authority, 306 Oxford Street Taitoko (Levin)

Alternatively, you can phone on Jill Chisnall (Returning officer) on 027 476 8382 to request the election pack be posted to your mailing address.

Election Details

A list of the confirmed candidates will be posted out with the election voting forms.

Call for Registration

The Board of Muaūpoko Tribal Authority Incorporated invites anyone with appropriate tribal affiliations, who is not already enrolled or any members wishing to update their details, to do so.