Dear Stakeholder,

This is to notify you of an administrative update made to the recently announced Squid 6T Operational Plan.

After release of the Operational Plan, MPI noted an unintended change in the notification requirements which excluded weekends and public holidays from the 72 hours’ notice required from vessel operators planning to fish in SQU 6T. The Operational Plan has been updated to reflect that weekends and public holidays are included in the 72 hour period for notification.

In addition, two minor changes have been made to clarify:

1. Vessel operators planning a trip that will go in and out of SQU 6T multiple times only need to provide notification prior to the first entry per trip
2. Reporting of tows to FishServe is in addition to all statutory reporting requirements
This updated Operational Plan is now available on the MPI website here:

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Tiffany Bock | Team Manager Deepwater Fisheries (Acting)
Fisheries Management | Marine Branch