Let’s work together to shape our future community
As the expressway becomes a reality, consultation and planning is increasing around the Waitarere community, as well as across the wider Horowhenua.

While it’s easy to get worried about all the change, it’s also a great opportunity for you to be part of shaping the future of Waitarere. In short, we need your input into building a positive future for our Waitarere community.

What’s happening at the moment:
The Waitarere Progressive and Ratepayers Association committee members have been very busy.

We are actively involved in what’s happening around the Horowhenua.

We have representatives in key consultation and/or decision-making forums such as:

• Expressway consultations
• Horowhenua Economic Development and Environmental Forums
• Horowhenua Destination Management Plan – representatives have had various
meetings and attended a professionally run consultation
• Mid Central Health – Well Communities draft planning
• Submissions have been made to: HDC’s Annual Plan; Foreshore and Reserve

Management Plans; and, Land Transport Bylaws.
As well, we receive monthly committee updates from Councillor Christine Mitchell, and we have regular one-on-one meetings with HDC executives.

Have your say in shaping a vision for Waitarere:

When: Sunday, 24 September, 11am
Where: Waitarere Bowling Club
Who: All residents / property owners are welcome
Meeting Goal: to receive input to the development of a draft vision for Waitarere from the widest possible range of Waitarere Residents.

Why you might like to have a say:
Here’s our Initial thinking:
‘Waitarere: a Uniquely New Zealand Beach Community’.
But what does a simple statement like that mean? Do we maintain our beach-feel community or should our vision take us to the other extreme – Kapiti’s answer to the Gold Coast?

We need to discuss these fundamental questions about our future, and describe what we want our community to look like in 20 years.

Here’s some action categories to consider when thinking about your input into the vision:

• Recreation / tourism – what makes us unique? What could we develop and promote?
• Environment – how can we protect and enhance our unique beach environment?
• Core infrastructure and services – what services do we need to have as a community?

What’s a priority?
• What else is going on in the wider community that our community needs to be a part of?
• What else should we include?

Here are some known issues we may need / choose to tackle in the vision process:
• Tourism facilities, for example camping grounds, multi-purpose community buildings
• The Forest – what happens post-harvest and post any treaty settlements
• The Stream – consultation with Iwi to find a win / win.
• What else should we include?

Please pop the date and time in your calendar.
Have your say in developing a clear, concise, and actionable 10 year plan.
If you are unable to attend this meeting and want to share your ideas/thoughts – visit www.waitarerecoast.co.nz and use the “contact us” page to contribute.

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