Workplace Communication Skills Programme


What is this programme all about?
It is about training in computing, reading, writing or speaking components of one or more specific tasks that employees carry out.

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It is a government focused programme designed to be delivered at the work place and specifically to meet the company and employee needs, to improve productivity and efficiency. There is no age limit.

The training is very practical; there is no pre-determined curriculum- the needs of the worker decide what it is and this is reinforced by a literacy needs analysis of the work place, which is a brief snapshot of the literacy tasks undertaken in your workplace.

The training can be based around reading manuals, writing job instructions, writing reports, compliance documents, filling in forms, assisting with maths to do the job i.e. measuring and volume calculations. The training can also cover computer file management, mail merge, databases, spreadsheets and information presentation.

Distance learners, i.e. apprentices and correspondence school students, may require reading and/or writing assistance with completing their work books and with components of the course; we can provide a tutor to sit with them.

Training is carried out on a one on one basis or as a group, the needs dictate the format. It is usually at the place of employment but can be at HLC. Training is free as it is fully funded by the government; however the employer does have to meet the cost of the release time to cover the cost of the employee’s wages.

The number of tuition hours depends on whatever works for the business and the tutor and is generally carried out during normal working hours. We do like a minimum of 1 1/2 to 2 hours per session.


• Focused on your workplace and employee needs
• Delivered on a one on one or as a group, you decide
• Covers all aspects of workplace literacy
• Free — Government funded
• Flexible programme with your need in mind
• Benefits are increase productivity, job satisfaction
• 40 hours per person, minimum contract requirement

Contact: Sharon Geerling, HLC, phone 027 4508866